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shelly and ryan

For me, photography is a about a human connection. It’s art and it’s inspiration, but mostly, it’s people. It’s people who fit with me and with each other, and that ultimately has to come first. There’s no level of coolness or epic locations that can make someone a good fit. When it happens, it just […]

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sydney and ryan in the snow

Sometimes a change of plans turns your wedding day into the most magical of all the magicals. Texas decided to get, like, a million inches of snow the last week of February. I flew from a sunny, 65 degree Oregon to a everything-must-shut-down-because-what-is-this-white-stuff tundra. Sydney took it all like a champ and said, “If it’s […]

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april + cameron on the woodlands waterway

People always ask how people find me. Most of the time, I’m shooting for a friend of a friend of a friend or someone who was at a wedding I photographed. Or sometimes it’s a referral from another photographer. Or google. But sometimes, I get to photograph that girl I was friends with in choir class […]

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